SERVICES-All Are Free of Charge
  1. Mastectomy Bras
    We have a beautiful collection of donated mastectomy bras and camisoles. These are donated lovingly to us, with no cost to you. We will help you find your perfect size. Please call for a fitting appointment. Privacy and supportive hugs are guaranteed!
  2. Lymphedema Sleeves
    For those of you at risk for lymphedema side effects of surgery (swelling of your affected arm or hand) we offer assistance with lymphedema sleeves or gloves. Supplies are presently limited, but we are hoping to receive more in the future. Please call for fitting appointment.
  3. Wigs
    We have a lovely collection of donated wigs for you to try on in the privacy of our funky boutique setting! There is no cost for this service.
  4. Breast Prosthesis
    Breast prostheses are normally very expensive. They often cost anywhere from $300 to $600. We have received donations of new and "gently used and cleaned" prostheses. We have various sizes. Please make an appointment and we will try to find a size that works for you!
  5. Monthly Support Groups
    Our support groups are informative, but they are also fun! Come meet other women who know exactly how you feel. All groups are facilitated by oncology nurses and some are survivors themselves. We promise a healthy amount of laughter will occur!!
  6. Nurse Navigator Services
    We have several oncology (cancer) certified nurses who volunteer in our program. We also have private individualized navigation services offered by a certified breast cancer nurse navigator for a modest fee (by appointment only). Please call us and we can help with your questions + concerns.
  7. Special Classes and Events
    In addition to our lively support groups, we also offer informative cancer related sessions and special events. Topics include everything from "Flower Arranging" to "Medical Marijuana". Please check out our monthly calendar for a topic of interest to you. This is also a great place to meet other cancer survivors!