What is Charlene's Dream?
Charlene's Dream is a warm and welcoming haven for those with cancer, seeking to get information.  It is a resource center, wrapped up to look like a boutique!  It's a place to try on wigs, hats, mastectomy bras, lymphedema sleeves and breast prostheses.  It is a place where ALL cancer patients can feel free to ask questions and get FREE help and assistance.
Our Support Groups and Classes Fit Your Needs
We are a 100% volunteer run program.  Our facilitators are oncology (cancer) professionals and many are cancer survivors themselves.
We identified a need within our community.  In the Daytona area, many patients are being treated at different doctors' practices.  We found that sometimes those with cancer were not getting enough information to help them cope with their disease effectively.  We want to supplement and provide
 more information and support for those affected by cancer.

Our classes, support groups and special events are held in the evening, after work hours for those affected by cancer.  Our goal is to make them FUN and welcoming.  Please Join Us!!
Our Inspiration
A Giving Church
Grassroots Support
We needed a place to make Charlene's Dream happen. The Seabreeze United Church of Christ opened their arms and gave us this space to use.  They have supported us and have embraced our mission as their own.  They are true supporters of those with cancer in our community.  Thank you Seabreeze UCC for helping us to make this possible.
Beloved breast cancer nurse navigator Charlene Brady was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in spring of 2016.  In June of 2016 a "posse" of Charlene's dearest friends and colleagues decided to help her to realize her dream of opening her own boutique and resource center for cancer survivors. What began as "one night" event (so Charlene could envision it prior to her passing) became a mission and a promise to Charlene to make her dream a reality.
We started out as "Charlene's Posse", but we have discovered a region full of talented, committed oncology professionals and volunteers who want to help us make life better for the cancer survivors of this area.  We are grateful that they share their gifts and expertise with our amazing cancer survivors.
Are You a Woman Who Has Been Affected bu Cancer?
We Can Help!

Charlene Cleary Brady